Jung Chan-woo (Korean: 정찬우), better known as Chanwoo (찬우) or Chan (찬), was born on January 26, 1998. He is the maknae and sub-vocalist of the South Korean boy group IKON.


TV Drama[]

Year Name Channel Role Note
2008 The Great King, Sejong KBS2 Prince Yang-Nyung (Young) Pre-debut
2009 Cain and Abel SBS Lee Seon-Woo (Young)
The Slingshot KBS2 Do Jae-Myeong (Young)
Boys Over Flowers Gu Jun-Pyo (Young)
Heading to the Ground MBC Cha Bong-Gun (Young)
2013 The Heirs SBS Kim Tan (Young)


Year Name Role Note
2008 Lost and Found Park Dong-Shik (Young) Pre-debut
2012 Gabi Illichi (Young)


  • Hobbies: Swimming, Dancing hip hop, Playing video games.
  • Ideal Type: A girl is someone talkative and tender
  • Specialty: Flute, Swimming, Dancing, Piano, Modeling
  • He is the tallest member with Koo Jun hoe.
  • He was named the kindest “Maknae” of the world through “Kind Maknae Test” on Mix & Match, the audition program.
  • He has round cheeks which he considers as a complex.
  • He was presented with face roller for his cheeks from Yang Hong-suk.
  • He has many ambitions. He wants to continue acting as well.
  • He hates to lose. He gets angry when he loses at a game.
  • He has a fansite since long time ago because he was in entertainment for a long time.
  • He is nicknamed the world’s nicest maknae and he is an actor by profession. He may appear fearless but he actually fears Bobby in the group.
  • He doesn't to lose in anything.
  • He is very ambitious.
  • He is afraid of Bobby.
  • He thinks of B.I. as the most handsome one among the IKON’s members.
  • He started his career as an actor first.
  • He has one older brother.
  • His favorite foods are meat, sushi and fruit.
  • His favorite anime is One Piece.
  • He can play the piano and the flute.
  • He acted in two movies: “Sweet Lies” (2008) and “Russian Coffee” (2012).
  • The first concert he went to was BIGBANG concert.
  • His favorite group is BIGBANG.
  • He learned Mandarin and Japanese for a while.



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