Kim Jiwon (Korean: 김지원), better known as Bobby (바비), was born on December 21, 1995. He is the main rapper of the South Korean boy group IKON.


Full Album[]

  • Love and Fall (2017)
  • Lucky Man (2021)

Featured Artist[]

Year Album Song Artist
2014 Shoebox "Born Hater" Epik High
Come Here "Come Here" Masta Wu
I'm Different "I'm Different" Hi Suhyun
2016 Seoulite "Video" Lee Hi
2017 4X2=8 "Bomb" PSY


TV Shows[]

Year Name Channel Role Note
2015 Running Man SBS Guest with B.I
2016 Infinite Challenge MBC
Sugar Man JTBC with Bobby, DK, JuNe
Happy Together KBS Guest with B.I
2017 Living Together in Empty Room MBC Cast with Jay
Oppa Thinking Guest with B.I, JuNe
Master Key SBS Ep.2
2018 Knowing Brothers JTBC with B.I, Song, JuNe
All Broadcasting in the World MBC
Radio Star


Year Brand Note
2015 Sprite


  • Hobbies: Basketball
  • Speciality: Freestyle rapping, Swimming, Playing the guitar.
  • Ideal Type: Someone skillfull, who knows what she wants; someone like Wonder Woman.
  • Religion: Christian
  • He had lived in the United States since 7th grade, but he had a very hard time adjusting to live in USA. His aunt still lives in Korea
  • His family is still in the United States. When he sees his family on video letters, he cries.
  • He is very kind than how he looks on stages. Fans found his message to his relatives when he was young. It was full of love.
  • He used to do volunteer work at the church.
  • He sent the prize money he won from Show Me the Money, which worth 100 million won to his mother.
  • He likes eating snacks.
  • He passed his Global Audition in New York in 2011, then returned to Korea by himself.
  • Given his stiff English, he speaks Konglish when skyping with his mom. He is also the funniest in the group and creates the mood when things get serious.
  • He was born in South Korea, but he grew up in Virginia, USA.
  • His English is not good; skyping with his mother he speaks a mixture of Korean and English.
  • He took part in a survival program "WIN: Who is Next" as Team B. He trained for over 2 years at that point.
  • Bobby was not his English given name. He came up with the stage name after Jamaican reggae singer-songwriter - Bob Marley. He started using the name since "WIN: Who is Next".
  • He competed in two survival show at the same time: "Show Me The Money 3" and "Mix and Match".
  • He won “Show Me the Money 3”.
  • He appeared in several music videos, Hi Suhyun “I’m Different” and Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” being among them.
  • He promised to buy a house for his mother in South Korea.
  • His family still lives in the USA.
  • His favorite artists include Michael Jackson and Bob Marley.
  • His family used to live in the USA and he brought them to Korea with the money he won on “Show me the money 3”.
  • His favorite item to have at all times is a stuffed Winnie the Pooh doll.
  • He would love to work with the legendary rapper Yoon Mirae.
  • He enjoyed playing in the rain as a child



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